2015 / 2016

Pure Classic Musikkfest, Tønsberg, Norway.

Branding and promotion material


Festival arranged to showcase both Norwegian and international artists in the scene of classical music. Arranged by Charlotte Udø Kjeldsberg.


Designed material: Logotype, posters, posters for urban furniture, broschure, image for social media.





DNFE The Norwegian Flute Ensemble,

"Drømmen om Glade Jul", album art & layout


DNFE's Christmas album is a delightful and cozy collection of music for the season. We used amazing pictures of the ensemble to create a bright atmosphere for the CD case. A perfect Christmas gift!


Photography: Anette Strømsbo Gjørv

Layout and digital illustration: Yénika Castillo

Recording: Roger Langvik

Project management: Ein Mangfaldig Kar



Runar Kjeldsberg's "Divertissements, Opus 6, Opus 15", Double album layout


Completing the 3 CD collection con Runar's Francoise De Fossa's interpretations.

Published and distributed by Ein Mangfaldig Kar.

The layout for CD case, booklet and labels for 2 CDs.


Illustration: Hans Ovesen

Photography: Svein Finneide, Isabel Ordóñez

Layout: Yénika Castillo

Recording: Roger Langvik

Recording director: Charlotte Udø Kjeldsberg



Color, shapes, good content and good vibes to make this world happier!


Design, illustration and social media management.

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